Divergence Typography

I had the opportunity to design the logo for my graduation showcase, Divergence. The design was voted by my fellow classmates and lecturer to be the official logo for the graduation showcase at IACT College. Where as, the word itself, Divergence was the idea of a fellow classmate, Jesslyn Lai. "So why ‘Divergence’? Everyone is constantly looking for new ideas. But when something new becomes common, it becomes the norm. As emerging artists, how do we stand out from the rest? It takes not only our specialized visualization skills and creative talents, but also our personal uniqueness, each of our different backgrounds and the way we think to come up with something fresh, be it an idea, story, or style - that creative touch, that makes what we do special – something different, something divergent."

DIVERGENCE was the name our my graduation showcase at IACT College, Malaysia.
Full set of the typography.
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