DataTrace White Paper (b2b)
Raw Honey Brand Visual Identity Case Study
MRT Train Map Display Case Study
Astro Tv Controller Case Study
IKEA Product Page UI Case Study
Data Visualisation Infographic (Unicef Report)
Login Page UI Case Study
Relove your Preloved Concept Case Study
EyeEm Home Page Revamp
Penang Startup Events Logo
Toast & Naps Hostel Art Concept Case Study
Kota Kinabalu Illustration Malaysia Airlines Magazine
MDEC Teachers Toolkit
Connected Camp Minecraft Ebook
Life By The Sea Interactive Workbook
Infographic Report on Malaysia's Art Scene
Instagram Case Study UX
Cilisos.MY x General Electric Infographic
#thisability Makeathon 2017 (Unicef + Petrosains)
SEAGULL Recruitment Flyer
UI Mock Up #thisability Makeathon Landing Page
5 Unconventional Ways to Be Creative - Slideshare
IDEO'S Teachers Guild + RSA Report Card
Candidate Satisfaction Typeform Survey
Tech In Asia Jakarta 2016
Tech In Asia Singapore 2015
Black Friday Infographic Template
2016 New Year Resolution Infographics
SolarAid Impact Infographics Report
Education Around The World Infographics
Important of Early Eye Exams Infographic Poster
The Eye Exam Infographic Poster
Protect Your Eyes Infographic Poster
Tech Savvy Traveler Infographics
Traditional Business Filing Infographic
Company Greeting Card 2016
Do's & Don'ts of Infographics
World Bank Malaysia June Infographic Report
Info Deck
Tips From Entrepreneurs Infographics
Pi Day Infographics
Smartphones Infographics
Lorong Party Event Poster
KL Green Loop
8 Steps to Apply a Malaysian Passport For Your Baby
Music Festival Infographics
Blood Donation Infographics
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